A child and it’s parents

by tryingtothinkofsomething

I’m in recovery. I’m getting over some things. I’m getting over my failures.

I’m getting over my insecurities.

I’m going to get out of my seat and find a new seat in the library.

I’m somewhat of a misanthrope. I said it and I’m not ashamed, but I’m not proud of that either.

The librarian sitting at his computer at the information center looks like a pompous faggot. I’ve heard him speak and he sounds like one.

Lots of people have tattoos these days. I would never want tattoos on my skin. Putting something on my skin for the rest of my life seems like a bad idea to me. It seems like a bad idea for many people. And they look bad when people get old.

Oh well, that’s what I think.

I go to Reddit a lot. Those people, many of them, are idiots. Many people are idiots and I’m trying to stay in my own place.

Relaxing is easy. It’s easy to relax, but not downstairs in my house. It is noisy downstairs in my house. The television is almost always on. The kids are fine, it’s just the TV. The dammed TV should be shot. I’d kind of like to shoot it, or throw a brick at the TV.

I wonder how my cousin will do with her baby. She is fat pregnant belly with a little one inside. She is like a teen pregnant girl. She’s immature with herself and she doesn’t know much. Some guy came in her and she got pregnant. She is going to raise the baby as a single mome because she doesn’t get along with the guy who inseminated her. Also, her mom doesn’t like the guy who inseminated her.

So, it looks like the guy who inseminated her is going to be a “baby daddy”.

I stayed together with the woman I inseminated. I feel it is important to raise my kids. Sometimes the mother and the father of a child don’t get a long, but what can they do, split up?

If the mom and the dad split up, then the childran have to split their time between the two parents. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be without my kids, and I wouldn’t want my kids living where I can’t see them. I would worry about what kinds of people are brought into the home where the mother of my children stays with my kids.

I love and care about my kids. Trememdously.

All I’m trying to say is that it’s important for a kid to have his parents. I want to be there for my children.

And for my cousin, I’m not sure I’d want to raise a child by myself. I don’t get along with my wife that badly that I can’t live with her. It’s close sometimes, but not quite.