I don’t like faggotry

by tryingtothinkofsomething

I don’t like faggotry and I’m not talking about homosexuals. But I do think that anyone who thinks I was talking about homosexuals is a faggot.

The kinds of faggotry that I don’t like includes, ear stretching. Think about those guys (and girls) who put those big holes in their ears, and continue to stretch those holes out.

There’s something gay about a guy who likes to “stretch his holes”.

Another type of faggotry that I dislike is hipstery, most notably “ironic” fashion. Whenever I see some guy with those thick dark rimmed glasses, or a hipster moustache, I can’t help to think of what a faggot that guy must be.

I saw a cute girl today, and I felt sick to my stomach when I noticed that she was an ear stretcher. Totally gross. I hear that those ear stretcher’s ears smell really bad. Now why would anyone want to do that to themselves?

Wait, I know. Fashion.