I hope nobody notices the things about hip hop

by tryingtothinkofsomething

WordPress is a pretty cool platform for writing. I think WordPress.com offers the best experience out there for getting ideas on the web with out any need or concern for technical matters. I set up this blog without any effort. All it required was my email address.

There is some trashy looking woman at a computer terminal 20 feet away from me. It’s in the library and she’s probably using Facebook or something. There are two kids with her, and another woman. I wonder what kids think of their trashy parents?

The little girl in the polka dot dress looks cute. I hope she doesn’t grow up to be like her White Trash mother, with the cliche “lipstick kiss” tattoo on her neck, like so many ghetto people have.

It’s strange how there’s ghetto people here. So much of ghetto life is encouraged by fashion. BET and MTV promote it. Pop culture embraces it. Hip Hop mainly.