Writing for blogs with external editors.

by tryingtothinkofsomething

Some people suggest writing blog posts in an external editor, like Wordpad. That comes with problems, mainly such as formatting. but I can think of some benefits.

If you write your blog posts in an external editor, you have a copy that is saved directly on your coputer. Also, if you’re writing your post on your browser, and the connection times out when you’re trying to post, you can loose every thing you write.

I think I’d like to start writing my posts in a text editor because sometimes when I begin writing, I’m not ever sure which blog I own I want the blog post to be published to. Right now, I’m doing a lot of posting to this blog, but I may start out a post, not knowing where it’s going to go.

I’ve thought about maybe having a blog to post all of my stuff to, and none of it will be web visible. I would just use that blog as a repository of posts. Then when I decide where I want to publish the post, I can just go to the blog and copy it or export it to its final destination.

It’s about three o clock and I’ll need to pick up a child from school soon.