As I drink my Maxwell House

by tryingtothinkofsomething

I drink Maxwell House coffee.

You know how some cheap coffee tastes like watered down coffee from a gas station or a convenience store. That’s not how the Maxwell House coffee that I drink tastes like.

I drink Maxwell House’s House Blend. It’s every bit as good as those fancy expensive brands of coffee, or as good as the coffee you get from those overpriced coffee houses.

And I drink it everyday, about two or three cups worth, depending on how much time I have to drink coffee and depending on how much waking up I need to do.

This morning I’m a bit hung over and I’ll probably need a little more coffee than usual.

I’m watching sprout and the guy on the show comes across to me as not being satisfied with his job. That could easily be my own projection. He probably likes his job, otherwise he would leave.

I don’t really have a point to what I’m writing. I just think that Maxwell House makes some great coffee for the price and I love starting my morning with it.