Best free domains and subdomains

by tryingtothinkofsomething

I’d like to eventually self host this blog away from I like the idea of doing everything myself and I can do everything by myself.

The only hangup I have is in getting a reliable domain name or subdomain name.

I need a web address that’s anonymous and which is not provided by some fly-by-night company.

Off of the top of my head, here are some of the domain names and subdomain names I can think of which are provided for free:

  • .tk – They’ll remove a domain for inactivity. I’ve heard that they will also take your domain if somebody wants to buy it, or if the level of traffic to it increases past a certain point.
  • – These guys used to offer free subdomains, but I can’t find on their site any place to sign up for one.
  • – They have lots of subdomains to choose from, but they prevent them from being crawled by Google. There goes SEO or any chance of appearing in Google’s search results.
  • is a site I have only just recently heard of. With one sign up, a lot of different subdomains are available. I’m kind of skeptical about this one because:
    • I’ve never heard of it before
    • I suspect the domain names are user provided and are dependent upon other users keeping their domains registered and in good standing.
  • – I’ve used this service about 10 years ago and I just now noticed that the subdomain cloaked pages that I made back then are still active!

I’m going to stop right here and say that looks good since the subdomains I created so long ago are still working. That’s what I call a service committed to their customers.

Basically what I’m going to do is get this blog self hosted at some point, using a free but reliable subdomain. I hope my thinking out loud about my concern helps someone else.