She’s cleaning now

by tryingtothinkofsomething

I’m drinking a Bud Light Straw-Ber-Rita now in front of the television. And she’s cleaning.

I do love using this WordPress blog service. It is easy and convenient. I enjoy the fact that I don’t have to concern myself with technical matters when using this service.

Still, I would not use for an important web site.. Well, I consider this site important – it’s my therapy. I just wouldn’t want to use to do anything where money or an organization depended on it.

So I’m getting kind of buzzed and my wife is cleaning, and she mentioned earlier how she’d like to have sex tonight. She was grabbing my hand a few times on the way to, and in, the store. She even slapped my ass.

She’s in a good mood though, because she’s on some painkiller pills. Sometimes, I wonder if that’s the only way she can feel good.

But she’s cleaning. What she’ll do is clean for like 2 or three hours straight. Or she may even stay up all night cleaning. IF she gets done in a couple or a few hours, she’ll take a shower and then she’ll want to have sex.

She’s a lot better than she used to be though. I forgot what I was going to say.

Oh, now I remember. She used to be all self righteous whenever she cleaned up something in the house. She’d act like her once a month cleaning spree was enough to make up for the fact that she hardly lifted up a finger to clean up after hserself any other time. And on top of that, she acted like she was the only one who ever cleaned anything, and then she’d bitch about it at me.

She doesn’t do that any more though.

She acts like she’s bipolar though.

I hope she does want to have sex tonight though.