White guy, black guy, street.

by tryingtothinkofsomething

I’m thinking too much about different things, and nothing in particular.

There’s a black guy outside with two white people and he’s being all loud as they sometimes do. Poor people. The tall skinny one has a hickey on his neck. The girl looks fat and dirty.

There’s lots of white trash around here. It’s the library.

There’s some weirdo sitting in a chair in front of a library computer and he’s rocking his head to a YouTube video of a rock band playing.

The black guy is laying down on the lawn, yelling loudly, playfully to the tall skinny white guy who is leaning against a tall thick tree trunk.

I’m rocking back and forth in my chair. My computer is displaying everything that I type on my screen in a little white box.

A librarian talks to somebody on the phone briefly and then hangs up. Silence for a moment except for the cars that rush outside the window down the one-way street up the hill.

The cars slow down as they must be approaching a red light up ahead.

No cars, and the white dude crosses the street while the black guy sitting on the grass feet from the road yells. And the White skinny guy comes right back across the street to return to the tree.