PHP and sports.

by tryingtothinkofsomething

There’s some really vile stuff on Reddit though. Like, today, I saw that somebody had posted pictures of severed human heads. They were medical cadavers. I didn’t click the link because things like that truly mess with my mind.

I’ve been teaching my oldest son how to catch and throw a ball today. I was never good at sports and I was teased a lot when I was younger because I couldn’t catch or throw a ball well. I want my sons to know how to catch and throw a ball well so that they aren’t teased by asshole kids like I was.

Kids really can be assholes. I was just an innocent kid who wanted to live my life in peace, but there were always those moronic asshole kids who would try to make my life miserable simply because I didn’t fit in. Not being good at sports was one of the reasons kids picked on me a lot.

Some kids are very cruel.

I have a lot of development work to do on my main web site, and I think I’ve got some obstacles figured out. Well not the obstacles, but how I’m going to conquer them. I need to brush up on my PHP.

A lot of people diss PHP. They’re usually programming snobs who are either into Python or Ruby. Everyone I’ve ever known to use Ruby was a fag.